Combustion characteristics of pure rapeseed oil fuel after injection in a constant volume combustion chamber with a non-road mobile machinery engine solenoid injector

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Pure rapeseed oil fuel (R100) according to standard DIN 51605 is a greenhouse gas saving option for the mobility sector. With its high energy density close to diesel fuel, R100 is suitable to operate non-road mobile machinery with a high power demand and long operating time, where electric drives reach their limits. Advantages are indicated for its use in environmentally sensitive areas like agriculture since R100 is highly biodegradable and non-toxic. However, R100 is characterised by differing physical and chemical properties compared to diesel. The objective of the research is to investigate the differences in the ignition and combustion behaviour of R100 compared to diesel fuel (DF). For this purpose, a constant volume combustion chamber is used, which is equipped with a modern solenoid injector for engines of non-road mobile machinery.

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Erscheinungsdatum: März 2022

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